Thursday, September 30, 2010

4-H Horse Show in the Works

Teens plan local horse show

Local 4-H horse show participants missed having a local horse show for youth and decided to get one up and going again.  They have been hard at work to take ideas from the best of shows they have attended to create a plan for one locally.   Having their leadership and input has brought some creative and exciting ideas that adults may have overlooked.  There are many advantages to a local horse show for youth in our community.  Many involved in horse showing must travel long distances for shows, expending a great deal of time and money.  And there is a draw here for people from other areas- the temperatures are more reasonable and people love to visit the high country. 

Involvement with horses provides numerous rewards, from increasing physical activity, mental and social benefits, and stress reduction. 
“Recent (2005-2006) surveys conducted by both the American Youth Horse Council and Penn State University have found that equine activities develop life skills such as decision making, communicating, problem solving, goal setting and empathy. In the AYHC Study, a significant positive relationship was found between total horsemanship skills development and life skills development.”
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The horse show is still in the planning stage and helpers are wanted to make it happen.   Planning meetings are occurring regularly.   If you would like to be involved in making it happen, contact Watauga County 4-H.

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