Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Two Rivers Kinders Discover the Wonders of Wetlands at Boone Presbyterian Church

Kindergarteners from Two Rivers Community School watch in awe as Doug and Connie Hall show them all the life that lives in the newly constructed stormwater wetland behind the Boone Presbyterian Church.
There are thousands of tadpoles - American Toad, Pickerel, Bullfrog, and Wood Frog - throughout the pools of the constructed wetland.  Adult Red-Spotted Newts were also found throughout the pools.

Volunteer Emily Sutton shows off a dragonfly larvae to the kids while the thousands of American Toad Tadpoles thrive in the shallows. 
The vegetation planted in the wetland was all grown from seed in the Boone Stormwater Wetland Floating Islands that the Cooperative Extension cares for throughout the growing season. 

The constructed stormwater wetland and the First Presbyterian Church of Boone captures and mitigates over eight acres of impervious surfaces including rooftop, parking lots and driveways.   Since construction and planting, there has been numerous programs for youth to learn hands-on methods to protect water quality and the importance of habitat for wildlife. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 Watauga Riverfest a Success

Chloe teaches about precipitation in the water cycle obstacle course

Megan demonstrates infiltration with the groundwater flow model as part of the water cycle obstacle course

Laura demonstrates the non point source pollution Enviroscape to youth and adults!  Janie is playing cornhole in the background. 

Connor from Brushy Fork Environmental demonstrates erosion and runoff with the water cycle obstacle course.

Jonathan with the North Toe Partnership found some fishes in Dutch Creek to show folks!  Of course they were released at the end of the day!

The Sunshine that drives the water cycle was found hanging out with Mandy the Mayfly at the river station of the water cycle obstacle course!

Lots of local non profits and organizations set up displays, booths, exhibits, demonstrations throughout the day!

The Hands-Free Watermelon Eating Contest was a sure success!  Four winners received a coupon for a free pound of candy from the Candy Barrel at Mast General Store!
Snotty the Hellbender from the NC Zoo made an appearance at Riverfest!!!

Bettie Bond watercolors the Mandy the Mayfly Adventure booklet!  Thank you to the High Country Water Media Society for funds to have the custom book printed!

Will and Bon show kids whats living in Dutch Creek.  Elderberry is in full bloom on the right.