Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heritage Apples Still Available

Heritage apples are special because they are rooted in the history of the area. For many people, apples were an integral part of the farmhouse pantry, a staple grown throughout the summer and then stored in cellars for winter. In the late 1800’s, over 1,000 varieties of apples were grown in the south and over 8,000 across the nation. Growing heritage apples is a great way to preserve and learn about history and local food ways. They have stood the test of time and help ensure agricultural diversity. Many people are interested in making sure they are preserved.

The Watauga County Extension office has
five varieties available through the 4-H Fruit Plant Sale.
Varieties include:
     Summer Banana
     Rusty Coat
    Virginia Beauty
    Yellow Transparent

Click here for more information on heritage apples.

Contact 264-3061 for details

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