Friday, August 26, 2011

Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day, Seed Swap, & More: Saturday, 9/17

Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day: A chance to swap seeds, see raspberries growing, talk gardening, and more…

On Saturday, September 17, 2011, the Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day (CCFHD) will take place at the Old Cove Creek School in Watauga County. As always, there will be animals to see, apple butter being made, and good music and food. But this year will see the return of some other aspects of Farm Heritage, especially a Seed Swap where gardeners will be able to share some of this year’s harvest so that more people can plant heritage varieties next gardening season. Also, there will be some new events added to put even more of the ‘farm’ in Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day, including a Master Gardener Plant Clinic and a raspberry open house. The Heritage Day and Seed Swap will run from 10 AM – 4 PM, with the raspberry open house happening just from 3-4 PM that day.

Watauga County and the surrounding region have a rich history of gardeners and farmers saving heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, sorghum, squashes, corn, and other vegetables. Many open-pollinated vegetables and grains are easy to save. Tomatoes, peppers, peas, and beans are among the easiest. Squashes, sorghum, and corn must be grown a little more carefully in order for the heirloom varieties to stay ‘true,’ but the process of saving the seeds is still relatively simple. Of course, gardeners also save potatoes, garlic bulbs, gladiolas, dahlias, and other vegetative parts of heirloom plants for propagation too, and all of these are welcome at the CCFHD Seed Swap. Information about seed saving techniques is available from the Watauga County Cooperative Extension office; contact or call 828-264-3061 for more information.

Watauga County Master Gardener Volunteers will also be at the CCFHD to assist gardeners in the diagnosis of plant problems, and answer any gardening questions that attendees might bring.

Just across from the Old Cove Creek High School, Watauga County grower Todd Nolt has planted several new varieties of primocane-fruiting raspberries. He will welcome visitors to see the plantings, and discuss this exciting fruit crop that seems to thrive in the High Country region.

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