Monday, February 20, 2012

In Memoriam

We mourn the loss of Dara Watson, who was a 4-H volunteer for around four years.  Dara shared her passion for horses with youth in the Blue Ridge Equestrian 4-H Club. She helped spur on the 4-H club, pulling in lots of participants and scheduling involvement with events and competitions.  She was impressive in keeping orderly and organized with forms and preparing for events.  She went beyond the call of duty to ensure everything was covered administratively.    Participants went on to state and even regional competitions.  Her enthusiasm in creating great experiences for the kids was evident, from organizing trips, making parades fun with horses and decorations, and putting extra effort into decorating for Christmas and giving the kids Christmas gifts.   She initiated the Blue Ridge Equestrian 4-H horse fun show.  She was a one- woman show, doing the job of at least 5 people, initiating and pulling the show off with flair and extra touches such as getting free ice cream, bringing in a band, and more.  She organized the horse show for four years.  She was full of energy and action. The club received recognition at the 2006 Farm City Banquet.  As one parent stated in an award nomination,  “I have been impressed by her leadership and dedication…. She is a model of hard work, organization, and giving back to the community.  It is rare to find someone of her age willing to dedicate a considerable part of her life to other people’s children.  She has instilled a love of horses, an understanding of what it takes to look after them properly, and a respect for the art of horsemanship into the children in her groups.” 

Dara will be missed and her contributions will be remembered. 

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