Friday, May 4, 2012

Use your land to help protect the Golden-winged Warbler!

The Secretaries of Agriculture and Interior have announced a new Working Lands Initiative that will benefit seven species across the country including the Golden-winged Warbler. Audubon North Carolina is working closely with Natural Resources Conservation Services staff to assist landowners in using Wildlife Habitat Incentive Program (WHIP) funds to aid this species. And in even better news, the project is focusing on lands within focal areas like the New River Corridor and New River Important Bird Area (IBA). Lands within priority IBAs for Golden-wings are given more points in the evaluation process.  

Sign up as soon as possible (by May 31st) by contacting Curtis Smalling at or 828-265-0198 or Ashe and Watauga Counties NRCS agent David Tucker at or 336-246-5461

It is not necessary to go through an organized program to participate in the protection of the Golden-winged Warbler and other species. If you have forest land, shrub land, or grassland that you would like to manage better for birds (even if that is not your top priority for working lands) contact Curtis Smalling or call Lynn Caldwell at NCNR for more information. Together we can make a difference for birds in all of our habitats.

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