Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mayor's Garden a Green Thumb Success!

Here at the Extension Office, we get lots of calls from homeowners, gardeners, and farmers about issues, problems, pests, and diseases that are plaguing their crops and garden. Earlier this week, it was refreshing to hear Mayor Loretta Clawson bragging about her beautiful backyard garden. She emailed this picture as proof! Despite a crazy season of erratic weather, Mayor Clawson (who gives much credit to her husband) has had a wonderful summer of production. Cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, corn, and pumpkins are the highlights in their home garden. As a proponent of the local food movement in the region, it's nice to see our government officials doing their part to participate in our growing local food economy. Thanks, Mayor!!

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  1. wow I like your garden. I usually eat fresh vegetables from my garden too :)

    Christine Eubanks
    Pre Workour Supplements