Monday, January 28, 2013

Volunteers Plant Buffer in Bethel

Appalachian State University Students got involved with water quality protection this winter when they installed 500 live stakes along Rubes creek in Bethel.  This was part of the Watauga River Partners grant they received in 2011 to improve fishing and water quality in the Beaverdam Watershed.  Collaborating with the Watauga County Cooperative Extension and Watauga County Soil and Water, the Watauga River Partners are working with landowners to fence livestock out of streams, plant native plants along the creeks, and provide alternate watering sources, and other agricultural best management practices on farms in the watershed.

Live stakes are cuttings from native plants that will grow into beautiful shrubs providing habitat, shade, and bank stabilization for years to come.  Since Rubes creek is a designated trout stream, temperature moderation is very important.  These plants will not only provide shelter for wildlife but also cool mountain water for the trout.   For more information or to get involved with river protection contact the Watauga River Partners at or contact the Watauga County Cooperative Extension,, or Watauga County Soil and Water Conservation District

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