Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 Rain Barrel Sale

The Watauga County Cooperative Extension, Soil and Water Conservation District, and Town of Boone are working with Rain Water Solutions to offer high country residents the opportunity to purchase the new and improved “IVY” rain barrel at the discounted price of $75 versus the regular retail price of $119 (plus $50 shipping).   We are able to bulk purchase and deliver to pass the savings along to you! 
Not all rain barrels are created equal!  The “IVY” rain barrel provides a new era of design innovation for an economical price.   The forest green barrel features a 50-gallon capacity, locking lid, 2 overflow ports, screened inlet, and its 50% recycled plastic.  Best of all, the entire barrel and all the components are MADE IN THE USA!!!  Dimensions are 43” high and 22” diameter. 

The average homeowner uses approximately 40% of water for outdoor use. A one-inch rainfall on a 1,200 square foot roof will yield over 700 gallons of water. Using a rain barrel is an excellent way to conserve some of this water.  A quarter inch run-off from an average roof will easily fill the barrel. If you have 5 storms a season, that equals 275 gallons of free water. Rain barrel use reduces the stress on municipal water systems during the summer months and improves storm water management.

How to order:
Go to the following website to order your rain barrel.
You must place your order by May 31st, 2013.  The barrels will be available in Boone on June 6th for the one-day pick up event.  Pick up will be at the Agricultural Conference Center at 252 Poplar Grove Rd

Top 5 Reasons to Harvest Rainwater!

* Protect our rivers and streams from runoff pollution
* Divert water from the municipal storm drain system
* Conserve this vital natural resource and reduce your water bills
* Use the rain water to grow healthy and lush plants
* Control moisture levels around the foundation of your home

The Rain Barrel Sale is presented to you by: Watauga County Cooperative Extension, Watauga County Soil and Water Conservation District and The Town of Boone.

Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water and save money. Use a rain barrel for watering lawns and flowers, as well as, washing cars, pets, and driveways.  Since we can’t see into future weather patterns, and we don’t know what this summer holds, why don’t you go ahead and get your “IVY” 50-gallon rain water harvesting system today!

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