Monday, June 3, 2013

4-H’ers Earn Recognition

Emily Cornett, 18 year old 4-H member, has earned the 4-H Gold Achievement medal.  The NC 4-H Achievement Plan program helps youth set goals in 4-H. Emily demonstrated incredible self-initiative and follow-through to complete the plan.  To earn the award, she worked through three other levels over several years and had seventeen tasks to complete for the gold medal.  Emily is aging out of 4-H.  Over the years, she Emily has been a stellar 4-H member, participating in projects from animals to expressive arts, to participating the presentation and project record programs, to serving as club president, leading groups with kids and more. 

Erica Cornett entered district competition for the 4-H presentation program.  She delivered a demonstration on scrapbooking, earning her a silver medal.   Her presentation inspired others to get started scrapbooking!  She also received a silver medal for her project record in the animal science category with her project on rabbits.

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