Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wipe Your Weeds Away Workshop and Pesticide Credits

NEW DATE!!!  April 16, 2015

The Watauga County Center of North Carolina Cooperative Extension will host a workshop on invasive plants and weed eradication at the Watauga County Agricultural Conference Center on Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.   The workshop will begin with classroom presentations for Pesticide Credits (G, H, L, N, O, D, X).  The next hour (6:30-7:30) is participatory where attendees have an option to build a custom weed wiper to take home.  Pesticide Credits (A, G, L, N, O, D, X) can be received during this time as well.  According to Eddy Labus, Watauga County Livestock Agent, “getting chemical onto weeds with a wicking device is economical and environmental in that you use less chemical and target species that you want gone.”   A weed wiper is constructed using a specially ordered wicking rope with PVC piping, which allows for a chemical reservoir and a custom handle for easy chemical dispersal.  The workshop is free unless you want to build a weed wiper.  The cost for a hand-held wiper is $20.00, and if you would like a larger (5 foot) weed wiper to attach to a 4-wheeler or tractor it will cost $90.00.
Example of a hand held weed wiper.

 “You can target the species you want to eradicate using this method, reducing overspray and damage to non target plants,” says Paige Patterson.  Patterson will present on invasive species identification and methods of control.  Herbicide selection and use will be discussed.  Invasive species can be a problem on the farm, but are also increasingly found in neighborhoods, roadways, and streambanks. 

Wendy Patoprsty will be presenting on aquatic and riparian invasive weeds and methods of control.  There are many sizes and shapes of weed wipers out there, so depending on your target species and spatial zones, one can customize the size and shape for your specific needs.  In fact, a weed wiper can be a hand held device, or can be attached to a 4-wheeler or tractor.  This workshop will allow participants to build a weed wiper to take home with them for future use.  “Wiping your weeds is a great technique for areas close to water where you cannot get chemical in a creek, pond or river,” says Patoprsty.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, you MUST REGISTER by calling the Watauga County Cooperative Extension Service at (828) 264-3061, and let us know if you plan on building a weed wiper and what size.  Cost is $20 for a hand held wiper and $90 for a tractor or ATV mounted wiper. If you are interested in just receiving pesticide credits, it is free to attend.  For more information or questions please contact Eddy Labus at (828)264-3061, or email at

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