Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4-H Happenings

In 4-H, you can explore all sorts of things. Here is an edited report from 15 year old club president, Emily Cornett.

Appalachian Pioneer Meeting Report
By - Emily Cornett

Our Appalachian Pioneers Group met for it's first meeting on April 9, 2010. We had a wonderful attendance turnout with a total of about 12 families (equaling about 35 4-H age kids) come out to the meeting. For the core of our meeting we learned about the many uses of farm animals both in the past and present. We had some group discussion on the various farm animals and everyone added input as to the different ways they were and are used. Our hands on project this meeting was learning to make homemade butter. This was a wonderfully fun experience. After much shaking, each family's butter turned out yellow, and firm. After everyone strained their butter and completed the project, we all ate snack. Eventually everybody toured our farm to see some of our farm animals.

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