Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain Barrel Sale Now in Progress

Protect our Water Resources.
Since we can’t see into future weather patterns, and we don’t know what this summer holds, why don’t you go ahead and get your Moby 65 gallon rain water harvesting system today.

How to order:
Go to the following website to order your rain barrel.
You must place your order by May 28th, 2010 in order to get the discount on the barrel. The barrels will be shipped up June 4th for the one-day pick up event.
The June 4th pick up event will host The Town of Boone Every Drop Counts program, demonstrations on how to set up the barrel, and hourly door prizes. Bring your kids by after school to receive activity books and other goodies.

Enter to win a free barrel from the Town of Boone Public Utilities office at 321 East King Street or call 268-6250 for more info.

What sets this rain barrel apart from others?
- Made in NC from 100% recycled plastic.
- The shape of the barrel is designed not to crack and split when frozen. Check online for winterization guidelines.
- Mosquito proof
- Best in class overflow set up to withstand heavy rains so barrel won’t back up into gutters. This barrel has optional flow direction with capabilities to attach multiple barrels.

Rain barrels are a great way to conserve water and save money. Use a rain barrel for watering lawns and flowers, as well as, washing cars and driveways.

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