Monday, May 23, 2011

North Carolina Audubon Society Holds Annual Meeting in Watauga County

Flame Azalea blooming in front of Iris
Early Sunday morning, folks from all over the southeast met at the Boone Greenway to view birds at the constructed wetland and along the greenway river trail.  The Audubon members were impressed with the constructed wetland and the habitat it provides for migratory and nesting songbirds.  As soon as we got on the trail we noticed a snapping turtle laying eggs, a female mallard with three chicks, and a couple of bullfrogs in the water vegetation.  This wetland is home to lots of wildlife and you can view it almost any time of the day.  Morning and evenings are best to see birds, but the flowers have begun to bloom and you can enjoy them all day long.

Single file through the Sensitive Plant Area
As we continued on the trail we viewed white eyed vireos, a yellow warbler, pileated woodpecker, cedar waxwings, and we heard acadian flycatchers in the woods.  And of course, in between bird calls we took note of all the stunning native plants in bloom. The greenway trail in Boone is certainly a gem for locals and visitors to the area to connect with the natural High Country. 

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