Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain Garden Workshop Produces a Rain Garden

Students learn about slopes from Mitch Woodward
Participants of the latest Watauga County Rain Garden workshop learned how to construct a rain garden in the classroom and then got to test their knowledge by installing a 300 sq. ft. rain garden.  Cooperative Extension Specialists, Bill Lord and Mitch Woodward came up to the Mountains from Raleigh for the day to provide classroom instruction on all the in's and out's of design, construction, and maintenance of a rain garden, while County Agent Wendy Patoprsty prepared students for plant selection.
Finished Rain Garden
The water flowing to the garden constist of two, 4" corrugated pipes draining a rooftop, driveway runoff, and a small grassy swale.  The weir construction includes four, 4x4 posts, and the berm wrapped around the lower level of the garden.  Most of the participants stated they would probably be installing a rain garden on their property or construct one for clients or work.  Excellent!  Every raingarden built helps to protect our water resources in the High Country.  

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