Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day

Turkeys strutted, apple butter was cooked down, corn was milled, 'taters were sold, and hit-n-miss engines sputtered last Saturday at the Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day festival. Despite morning rain, the sky blued up around lunch time and visitors from around the county got to visit an old-timey country fair---Cove Creek Farm Heritage Day. This was the first year that Cooperative Extension played a role in the event. Information and demonstration booths were set up to showcase 4-H and the Watauga Christmas Tree Association. Master Gardeners were on hand to answer plant clinic questions and Richard Boylan organized an on-site seed swap for folks wishing to diversify their landscape and gardens. Extension worked with the Farm Heritage Day organizing committee to offer contacts and exhibitors to help bring even more "Farm" to this annual Farm Heritage event. Ian Snider's draft horses for logging, the Norris family's "Goat Green" goats, and Colleen Moe's turkeys were big hits with the kids.

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