Monday, September 12, 2011

Youth Water Art Show Sponsored by Watauga River Partners to be held at Art of Oil during the Downtown Boone October Art Crawl

Water is the key to life and youth involved with the Watauga Hispanic Summer Camp learned all about watersheds, clean water, and aquatic life with Artist Mar Startari-Stegell and Extension Agent Wendy Patoprsty.  The youth created individual art pieces with a water theme this summer and it will be on display during the October Art Crawl at the Art of Oil and you are invited to join us in celebrating our water in the High Country.   
Youth Creating Water Themed Art
 The first summer session the kids learned about fish and their adaptations to different environments through the use of an ancient Japanese art form called Gyotaku.   The Watauga River Partners purchased about 25 fish replicas for Watauga Riverfest years ago for kids to learn about fish anatomy and how they are adapted to live in water.  The Gyotaku fish replicas can be painted and printed onto paper using different colored paints.   The results can be beautiful. 
The second session the kids used water, paint, straws and forced breath to create aquatic looking ecosystems on canvas.  The art project was sponsored by the Watauga River Partners whose main goal is protecting our headwater streams through community education.   The finished artwork will be on display as will information about protecting our water resources at the October Art Crawl at the Art of Oil located at 819 West King Street, Downtown BooneThere will be tasty treats and beverages along with live music.  The art crawl is from 5-9pm.  Hope to see you there!  For more information about the Art of Oil visit their website at

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