Monday, April 23, 2012

"Living Downstream" Film Screening

I.G. Greer
Mon. 4/30 7:00pm  FREE!
Panel discussion following:
Dr. Jen Westerman - Sustainable Dev't
Dr. Kathryn Kirkpatrick - Sustainable Dev't, cancer survivor, and poet
Dr. Shea Tuberty - Biology and Enviro. Toxicology

Coordinated with Relay for Life and the Office of Sustainability, the film called Living Downstream will screen on campus for the first time. Produced in part by Living Downstream author Sandra Steingraber, this film reveals the hidden social injustices of large industrial farm pollutant run-off into local residents' water supplies and the effect on their health.  The contaminants are predominantly unregulated pesticides and herbicides, which have been found in U.S. womens' breast milk in astonishing levels, making the toxins much more concentrated when passed to infants by breast feeding.

Sandra Steingraber (author, poet, and scientist) was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer when she was 20 while attending college.  She became curious and began to research the connections of cancer and ecological toxicity, and this is a connection that I would like to share widely since Relay for Life and Earth Day are in the same weekend this year.  The American Cancer Society does not exactly advocate prevention as much as it promotes find the cure.  Why not look further to the root of issues. When it is not GENETICS, what else could it be? 

April 30th 7:00pm in I.G. Greer
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