Wednesday, March 23, 2011

4-H Fruit Plant Sale

Deadline Approaching: Watauga County 4-H Fruit Plant Sale orders due Monday, March 28. Proceeds help support youth programs in Watauga County. Supplies are available at a first-come first ordered basis.

Plants available include blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, grape and heritage apple trees. The plants are bare root, which means they do not come in potted soil. This allows the plant to be sold at a lower cost. New selections this year include two varieties of blueberries in 1 gallon containers; rhubarb and asparagus (in limited quantities). In addition, for landscaping and feeding wildlife, native plants are being offered (elderberry, Virginia sweetspire, beautyberry).
For an order form, come by the Cooperative Extension office at 971 West King Street, call 264-3061 or download here.

Planting Information:
The plants are bare root plants, which means they do not come potted in soil. This allows the plants to be sold at a lower cost. One possible advantage to bare root plants is that they do not have to transition between soils and may establish more quickly. Since the plants are bare root, it is important to plant them immediately after pick-up. If the plants cannot be put in the ground right away, make sure they stay moist. You can place them in a temporary trench and cover them with moist sand, saw dust or soil.

To help you plan for your plants before they arrive, you may download plant specific information at the following websites, or request a copy at the Extension office:
Information on fruit plants

Care of bare root plants

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