Thursday, March 10, 2011

Championing Youth

Youth and Adults can advocate for youth issues.

How many of us have concerns for our youth and their lives? Perhaps it is parenting issues with your own child, or even, broader quality of life and child well-being concerns: health, education, safety, economic security, maltreatment, juvenile justice issues, to name a few. People of all ages can be champions for youth. Identify what you feel strongly about and find ways to engage.

Here are 10 tips from Action for Children NC on ways to make a difference in the lives of young people:

1. Study up on the issues
2. Get involved with child-serving groups in your community. Many great groups in our community are serving young people. See the Community Resource Directory for a large selection
or E211
3. Register to vote and participate in elections
4. Encourage others to vote and become child advocates
5. Write, call or visit local or state- elected officials
Here is a list of our county’s officials
6. Get the message out- Write papers, use internet social networks
7. Volunteer your time and expertise; Here is a listing of some volunteer opportunities
8. Contribute to organizations that promote the welfare of children
9. Encourage your workplace, neighborhood groups and faith community to improve the well-being of children and youth
10. Evaluate. What’s the next step?

4-H offers many ways for young people to be involved in citizenship. Click here for a few NC 4-H citizenship events

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