Friday, March 18, 2011

A&T Bedder/Mulcher Helps Improve Local Production

NCA&T State University has a piece of equipment available for local growers to use that can create raised beds, lay drip-irrigation, and cover it all with black-plastic mulch in a single pass.

Farmers are responsible for all field prep (the field must be well-tilled or plowed and disced prior to using the bedder), and of course must have a tractor capable of pulling the implement (40+ HP 4wd for 3' beds, 70+ HP 4wd for 4' beds).

Farmers also purchase their own supplies of drip tape and black plastic.

At right, a model similar to the A&T bedder is used by Upper Mountain Research Station staff to prepare a planting bed for a strawberry crop. In the below photo, Will Thomas of Creeksong Farm pulls some beds for squash in Zionville.

Ashe & Watauga County growers wanting to make use of the A&T Bedder/Mulcher in 2011 should contact Area Agent Richard Boylan at the Watauga County Extension Center.

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